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Antenna Array

Antenna array

Complex directional antenna consists of separate near-omnidirectional antennas (radiating elements) positioned in the space and driven by high-frequency …

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Basic energy correlations in the analysis of the effectiveness of aircraft anti-radar camouflage

Published: 08/04/2011
Language: russian
© V. N. Yudin, 2000. All rights reserved.

This textbook deals with the quantitative analysis of how effective it is to hide aircraft from radar surveillance with the help of camouflage jamming. The textbook is divided into six sections and each of them implies carrying out a laboratory work. Their descriptions contain theoretical information, practical task done with the help of a computer program or a simulation model, instructions how to do the task and questions on the topic.

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GuidesArray Circular 0.1.4

GuidesArray Circular™ allows to execute electrodynamic modeling of two-dimensional phased antenna arrays for circular waveguides, using the method of moments.


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