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Antenna Array

Antenna array

Complex directional antenna consists of separate near-omnidirectional antennas (radiating elements) positioned in the space and driven by high-frequency …

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The Algorithm and Results of Calculating the Radiation Patterns of Antenna Arrays on an Infinite Wedge

Published: 01/15/2011
Language: russian
© Z. K. KudryaE. M. Privalov, 1976. All rights reserved.

Green's tensor function has been used as a basis to get the expression for the radiation pattern of a rectangular waveguide radiator array located on an infinite perfectly conducting wedge. The obtained expression has been analyze, which has made it possible to calculate the integral in a complex plane with the help of the saddle-point method.

The algorithm and calculation of radiation patterns have been developed for various parameters included in its expression. The method of calculating cylindrical functions with a random index has been used in the calculation of the patterns.

The results of the radiation pattern numerical studies are given for various parameters included in its expression.

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